New Web Page

Welcome to the updated Martin Chiropractic Webpage!

Back in 1996 we were one of the first chiropractic offices in Canada to have our own domain and web site.  However, keeping up with the busyness of life allowed technology quickly to surpass our ability to stay current, and the web site, although useful, was not very current.  One of our colleagues suggested the site looked like it was designed on photocopy paper!

Over the last few months, Dr. Scott has become quite a proficient blogger, and his web design skills encouraged us both to explore, learn and design a new site.  Using a bit of help from WordPress, we have come up with the site you are now visiting.  We hope you like it!

During the upcoming weeks, this site will expand and become even more resourceful, including regular blog posts by both of us.  We are working to integrate the blog with our Facebook page and Twitter feed, so be sure to follow!

Here’s what the old page looked like:

Thanks for your interest in our site!


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