What Is Your Next Step?

Your life before you





While out photographing wildlife in Algonquin Provincial Park last weekend, I came across this majestic Red Fox walking across a clearing in the woods after a fresh snowfall. I was immediately reminded of a quotation my Dad recorded in my autograph book as a little boy some fifty years ago “Your life lays out before you, like a sheet of driven snow. Be careful how you tread it, for every step will show”.

This is a powerful and true statement that we are wise to remember and allow the reality of to  influence how we live and the decisions we make. Even if no one is watching, our actions leave records and have consequences for the future.

Although this quotation, who’s author is unknown, applies to life in general, it equally applies to our health as the decisions we make today not only leave a footprint in the snow they also greatly influence the future. Are the decisions you are making today regarding your health and wellness leaving a trail you are proud of? Are they pointing you forward along a trajectory that keeps you healthy, living a vibrant active life with the quality you desire?

Many will flippantly answer yes to these questions believing because they ‘feel ok’ they are healthy, yet in reality their choices betray that belief.

Our plea today is for you to think carefully about every step you take, especially those that affect your health. Eat well, think well, move well; every day, no exceptions.

When God designed us He chose the nervous system to control and regulate everything. It is the master control system that governs the innate ability God designed for self regulation and healing in our bodies. Good health is impossible in the absence of a highly functioning nervous system, so look after yours every day, for the rest of your life and remember that is what chiropractic is all about – keeping your nervous system operating at its highest potential. Chiropractic goes hand in hand with good health. The Power that made the body heals the body.

Please take the time to stop and think seriously about your health, make the necessary changes and step into the future boldly, leaving the footprints of your wise choices for all to see.


  1. Lindsay

    Great post! Very encouraging. Your photo of the fox is breathtaking. Keep the blog posts coming!

  2. Ivan Martin

    Very good blog Scott!. I must say that I am impressed that you recalled that entry in your autograph book from some 50 years ago!


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