How Is Your Balance?

Last month my wife and I were privileged to see an iceberg while exploring Newfoundland. This particular iceberg was quite massive in size and was actually grounded in 580’ of water!


While we were watching a small chunk of ice fractured off the front of the iceberg and it was amazing how quickly the berg began to tilt off level. Have a close look at the water level marks in the second picture compared to the first. A very small change created an immediate and very significant shift in the balance of the whole iceberg.


Once out of balance a much larger piece of the iceberg fractured off the back of the iceberg as seen in the next image which ultimately proved fatal for the iceberg. In fact a few hours later we watched this majestic iceberg fall apart into pieces. Within twenty four hours it was gone.


While watching the demise of the iceberg I was reminded just how important balance is. How fragile it is; not just for icebergs, but for us too.

Subluxations are small misalignments of vertebrae in the spine and they always create imbalance, which over time (less than most think) is devastating to health. Subluxations cause the body to physically break down and they interfere with the nervous system, the master control system that controls every aspect of life and body function.

So how is your balance? Are you subluxated, out of balance and at risk of falling apart because of it….just like the iceberg?

If you haven’t been checked for a while, the answer is yes and it’s time see your chiropractor for an adjustment. If you have not yet seen a chiropractor, now is the time to make the call – your health is in the balance.

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  1. Scott, I couldn’t help thinking of a spiritual application. When we are ‘off balance’ in our relationship with God, our lives begin to ‘fall apart’. Unlike the iceberg that had little hope of recovering, we have the promise of God’s grace. What a special reminder we have of that through His creation, even a majestic iceberg! (If this is not what you want on your blog page, feel free to remove this comment. I just couldn’t help commenting:) BTW, I do have a GREAT chiropractor! Blessings on your day!

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