A Different Kind of Resolution

This may not be the first blog post you have read this year about New Year’s resolutions, but hopefully it will be the one that will have a lasting impact! I’m sure we have all made resolutions and we have all broken resolutions, but this year let’s take a look at it a bit differently.

Three of the top five resolutions made every year have to do with health and wellness, and all the statistics would tell us that the vast majority of these resolutions are never met. So instead of making a resolution to lose weight, eat better, or get more exercise (all of which are great resolutions!) – let’s take a look at a broader resolution that can make a significant impact on our health and wellness.

Virtually every chronic disease or sickness is a result of one of two things happening:

Either our cells are not getting enough of what they do need, or they are getting poisoned by something that they don’t need.

Examples of things that we lack enough of could be water, vitamins and minerals, appropriate oxygen levels, a healthy nervous system, various nutrients, and many other things.

Things that can damage our cells could be various environmental pollutants, drugs, toxic ingredients in our foods, alcohol, too much of the wrong kind of food, or many other man-made chemicals that harm our bodies.   Neither of these lists are exhaustive and I’m sure you can think of many others.

So this year, let’s resolve to give our body what it needs and prevent our body from getting what it doesn’t need. No matter what your current level of health and wellness is, the fact is – your body was designed to look after itself and to heal. However, it needs to be looked after in order for this to occur optimally.

At Martin Chiropractic, we resolve to be more regular at writing short blog posts that can help you achieve a higher level of health and wellness. We will also introduce some interesting new workshops in 2016.

If you have any suggestions for health related topics or workshops just let us know by making a comment below.

Happy New Year from all of us at Martin Chiropractic!


  1. Carol Crossman

    I look forward to reading your blogs & attending some workshops. My own health goal is weight loss+++

  2. Jody Teel

    Great blog post. A great reminder about the importance of looking after our bodies.

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