What Your Body Needs

Every now and again we read in the news of someone going on a hunger strike, and if they actually decide never to eat any food again, they will live somewhere around 30 or 40 days, depending on circumstances.  So, obviously food (nutrition, vitamins, minerals, calories) is essential for life.  But even more essential for life is water – if we were totally deprived of all water, we would only live for a few days.  That makes water even more essential than food.

We all know that our cells also require, on top of nutrition and water, oxygen.  Without oxygen, we could only live a few minutes.  That makes it even more essential than food or water!

However, none of these things would even matter at all if the body’s master control system – the nervous system – was cut off, because you could only live a nano-second without a nerve system.  That means a healthy functioning nervous system, which controls all functions that relate to food, water and oxygen, becomes the most essential.

So then, why do we get sick?  Either our cells are not getting enough of what they need, or they are getting poisoned by something they don’t need.  If our cells need nutrition, then we better have a well balanced healthy diet.  If cells need oxygen, then we need to get regular exercise to optimize our cardiovascular function.  If we need water, then we better drink lots of it!  And, if we need a healthy nerve supply, we better get adjusted!

On the flip side, we need to be very careful with what we put in (and on) or bodies that can be toxic or harmful.  This is becoming more and more difficult at a time when so much of what we ingest can be harmful, even though we may be led to believe it’s good for us.

Remember, we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and our bodies are created to look after themselves, we just need to give our body what it needs and prevent it from getting what it doesn’t need.


  1. Very good article. So hard to avoid harmful things in our world when it seems to be all around us.

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