Preventing Malware!

Sometimes a virus can be a nasty thing.  No one likes to have a virus take hold of their body and do what they often do – make life miserable.  However, our bodies are designed to recognize a foreign, viral intruder and put in play a series of highly complex reactions to identify, isolate, immobilize and eliminate the intruder.  Granted, some of these body responses can be quite unpleasant – runny nose, vomit, fever, diarrhea – to name a few, but these are very intelligent responses that are designed to eliminate the attack.  Our body has an amazing immune system that is always at work, most often in the background eliminating a threat that we are not even aware of, and storing a memory bank of responses that minimize subsequent attacks.

Recently, my wife’s website fell victim of malware, and because we had not done enough research and preparation to prevent the attack, her account was suspended until it could be shown that the foreign and malicious files were completely eliminated.  It took many hours and a lot of frustration to get things back to normal.  If only our computer systems had some sort of built in mechanism that was just there, all the time, free of charge, preventing web page sickness!  Now, we have taken measures to enhance her site, by making investments in time, energy and money so that the risk of future attack can be minimized.

Our bodies are a lot like that webpage, with one big difference – we come designed with an innate, God given immune system already in place to prevent body sickness; we don’t have to buy it, install it, set it up or update it.  But, like the webpage, we do have to invest in it to keep it functioning optimally by giving it everything it needs and preventing it from being poisoned by what it doesn’t need.  Unfortunately, we often neglect the care of our bodies until it’s either too late or we have suffered a significant health setback that forces our hand – and even then we may not do a good job.

Don’t wait for a malware attack to start looking after yourself!  Start now!  Eat well, think well, move well – and get your nervous system in shape by getting adjusted.

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